A compelling fantasy novel that mixes elemental magic with political intrigue.


by Jenna Barrett

Orabelle is the debut novel by author Jenna Barrett and is Book 1 in the Keepers Of Imbria series

Game of Thrones meets Avatar the Last Airbender in this thrilling adventure that will keep you guessing as it unfolds

Forced to take power from her dying mother who was ravaged by a mysterious illness, Orabelle became the youngest Keeper to ever wield the power of an element and become Queen of Lehar. Her father, a former element Keeper himself, is desperate to hold onto power and will use any means necessary to maintain his hold over Imbria and quell his eldest daughter’s growing strength. He betroths her to the Keeper of Fire, an ambitious man whom he hopes will be able to control her and to restrain her volatile nature. Orabelle’s rebellion against the impending marriage leads to a shocking and brutal murder that changes Imbria forever and threatens to pull the four realms into chaos and war.
Torn between her quest for vengeance and her duty to her people and to her family, she turns to a banished islander for help. Together they face not only the looming possibility of war with the other realms, but also an ancient evil that has resurfaced to wreak havoc across Imbria and whose existence seems to be intertwined with her own. Orabelle begins to learn that the answers to saving her future may lie in the past, and that betrayal extends beyond the boundaries of family and allies. Will she be able to find the answers she needs to save her kingdom and herself and fulfill the fabled prophecy of the Solvrei? Or will the lies and treachery of the past destroy her hope for the future?

Praise for Orabelle

There was never a dull moment, and I immersed myself in the depiction of another world. The dialogue was engaging and the connection between Orabelle and the supporting characters was effortless… The end of the story left me eager to dive into the sequel. Fantasy, family drama, and more await. I recommend Orabelle to readers who enjoy action-filled fantasy stories.” – Stephanie Chapman, Reader’s Favorite

Orabelle is a novel that manages to do quite a lot, without having a long page count. The story not only introduces the amazing fantasy world, but also serves as an introduction to its series. The novel really sets the scene for an epic and exciting series to come. The author did a fantastic job building the world of the story, and introducing it to the reader, in a complete way without being too heavy on exposition. The world-building felt very natural and was seamlessly integrated into the story. The magic system in the novel was an elemental system and it was so interesting to read about. The author put a lot of thought into how each element could be used, and there was some points where I was pleasantly surprised by how the magic was used, and how it made the story stand out to me. The plot had a great deal of twists and turns. Events left me with questions right up to the last page of the book, and its ending set the stage for an interesting second entry into the series.” – Sara Lilienfeld, Reedsy Discovery

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  • Creating the Character
    In my previous post I wrote about how my inspiration to keep writing my novel came from the love of my main character. So, how did she come to life? Orabelle began to breathe in those first few pages, as I began with a description and an image in my mind of the person IContinue reading “Creating the Character”
  • The need to create.
    Sometimes it starts with a bang, sometimes with a whisper. In my case it started with my sister. She asked me to write a story with her, and we would each write a chapter from two different points of view. I have always been a writer and a storyteller so of course I agreed andContinue reading “The need to create.”